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Courtesy of TMZ

Akon disagrees with Will.i.am and does not believe the forthcoming album by the late King of Pop Michael Jackson is disrepectful.

He believes the new album is keeping MJ‘s legacy alive he would have wanted the album to be released.

He told TMZ

Akon was at LAX yesterday … and told us that working with Michael on the song “Hold My Hand” was a “dream come true … it was epic.”

As for Will‘s comments, Akon says he “honestly disagrees” … adding, “I don’t see anything disrespectful about it … these albums would have come out if [MJ] was alive or dead so I think this helps to keep his legacy alive.”

Michael Jackson’s Vision (2010)‘ is set to hit retail outlets on Nov. 22.

Michael‘ CD set to hit retail outlets on Dec. 14.

Two totally different points of view. Do you agree with Akon or Will.i.am or a little of both?

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