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As we previously reported, rapper Lil Wayne (born Dwayne Michael Carter) may have an 8-year old son.

Brenda Ann Brown, the grandmother of the child served the rapper with paternity papers during his stay at Riker’s Island.

TMZ reports

After the kid was born in 2002, his family “tried multiple times to get a paternity test” against Wayne only to face unforeseen delays — such as a massive natural disaster … so says his grandmother’s attorney.

According to the lawyer, the New Orleans court system moved at a ridiculously slow pace anyway — and after Katrina hit in 2005 … all sorts of court records pertaining to the case were destroyed … and their case was delayed by a matter of years.

But as we previously reported, the grandmother finally obtained a new court order requiring Weezy to submit to a DNA test … but the rapper was holed up at Rikers Island when he got the news.

The judge has since given Wayne until early-December to take the test … barring any more acts of God.

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