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It is always sad when a pro baller faces rape charges. I’m just sayin’ women are trying to give it away to them all day long and they want to take it. Any hoo … in the rape spotlight today is Denver Broncos rookie cornerback Perrish Cox.

Cox was arrested at 10:00 pm on Thursday night on a sexual assault warrant, according to KUSA-TV.

The alleged incident took place on Oct. 28.

AP says, in addition to a lengthy prison sentence if convicted, Cox could also face 10 years to life of probation.

Cox was allowed to leave the state to play out of state games.

“I just know the smallest details,” rookie quarterback Tim Tebow said. “I don’t know much so you know — I don’t really have any comment about it.”

According to the Denver Post, in order to protect the identity of the victim, the case has been sealed.

“The last couple months, whenever I get a message or anything, a phone call, you get to thinking, ‘God, I just hope it’s nothing bad,’ ” perennial Pro Bowl cornerback Champ Bailey said. “When you’ve been in this locker room, you never know.”

“I don’t truly know what’s going on with him, so I can’t truly comment but whatever it is I hope it’s not a serious situation and he’ll be back with us on Sunday,” linebacker Mario Haggan said. “Unfortunately there’s been adversity around this team this year. But I’m always optimistic that something good is going to happen in the midst of a storm.”

Cox is currently free on $50,000 bond.

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